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Oil and Gas

INTEGRATED PETROLEUM offers a wide variety of products and services for the oil & gas industry, covering all phases from production, through refining, to transportation and distribution. Our products from reputed manufacturers are approved by global majors in oil & gas industry. We are committed to build strategic alliances and agreements with the major EPC contractors in the hydrocarbon industry for various product supply and services.


Processing hydrocarbons into petrochemical products require multiple equipments and products manufactured using high quality materials with strict quality control to avoid multiple plant challenges.

Energy and Power

With the growing demand for energy around the globe and the desire to find alternative, we provide all material and non material solutions to meet the construction and maintenance requirements of various plants.


We provide quality products well suited for the fertilizer industry. From a regional perspective, INTEGRATED PETROLEUM is the leading supply and services company to the fertilizer plant and clients.


We provide quality products well suited for the steel industry. The fully diverse products used in steel industry can be sourced and supplied through our reputed manufacturers.

Polymer and Plastic

We are proud of our products and manufacturer’s facilities to meet the demands and requirements of highly corrosive polymer and plastic industry. We offer high quality lined products for plant use and reduce the chemical attack on piping system.


Chemical industry is one of the oldest but corrosive in the world. As the regional leader in high quality PTFE/PFA etc. products, we are the best to supply the needs of demanding applications and extreme service.

Wastewater and Clean Water Management

Water management is an important aspect to individuals, industries and governments across the world. We are one stop regional supplier to provide the best possible quality products to meet the ever rising demands of water industry.


Our products and services can find solution to the fluid sealing problems in the manufacturing industries. We supply quality products to reduce valuable work time, improve operator safety and help environmental efficiency regardless of the manufacturing process.


The cement industry is the building block of any nation’s construction industry. Our product supply and services can meet the ever growing industry demands.